Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Averral Sole has Arrived...

Averral Sole is the latest alternative rock band from PE. The band consists of four members; Wouter Botes on drums, Zane Britz on guitar, Jo-Anne Nomsa Mattheus on bass guitar and vocals, and Arno Erasmus on lead guitar and vocals.

The name Averral Sole has a special meaning to the band. The word "averral" means to make a statement. While "sole" carries the meaning of "uniqueness". So if one had... to explain the name of the band in one sentence, one could say it means: Statement of Uniqueness.

This can also describe the music of the band. Though the bands music is predominantly rock, each song has a different genre hidden beneath the rock exterior. Some of the hidden genres one can recognise, includes: reggae, pop, metal, country and a few others. The music and lyrics are mostly written by the whole band. The band writes mostly of everyday life, love and a bit of anger here and there.

Each of the members has a lot of experience in the music industry. Arno has been playing guitar since the age of 6, and started performing at the age of 10. Arno has been invovled in performances with the Centrestage cast for the last 3 years, and has performed with various acts at the KKNK. All of this, and Arno is only 20 years old.

Zane Britz has been in various rock and hard rock bands. Zane and Wouter were in the band Draining Patience, after that they formed the band The Northaern Lights. Jo-Anne later joined The Northaern Lights as their lead singer. The band didn't go on long after that. Zane, Wouter and Jo-Anne started jamming together just as Wouter started a new job outside of his music. That is where he met Arno who decided he wanted to jam with them. They then formed Averral Sole.

Together these band members have a lot of experience in quite a few different genres, I mean, 3 of the members have even played in boere orkeste, while two other members have come from playing in cover bands and have played as session musicians for big Afrikaans artists.

On the 23rd of September the band had their launch. The launch was so that the band can introduce themselves to everyone interested in the music scene, so that they can be heard. The entrance fee to this gig was free, and was held at Toni's Place in Newton Park. The venue was packed, and the atmosphere was electrifying. Before Averral Sole came on stage, The River Kai had opened for them. The lights suddenly went off, the smoke machine blows a big cloud of smoke, the strobes are flashing, in the background is the sound of a spaceship landing. Suddenly all the lights go off, the noise stops, the people are quiet and staring at the stage as if we are waiting for the aliens to appear. Then, Wouter starts with a drum roll, and the rest of the band follows, opening their set with an exciting guitar solo, then they slide in to their first song.

The bands music has a good balance between fun, serious, hardcore and chilled. The audience enjoyed the music more than I had ever seen a PE crowed enjoy any PE band, especially when, at the end of the show, the audience started chanting "WE WANT MORE!" The bands next gig will be on the 8th of October at the Jesters Full Power Music Festival where they will share the stage with 8 other PE bands. Don't miss this gig, it promises to be big! For more info on this gig, go to:!/event.php?eid=145356355560198

To find out more about the band, go to:!/AverralSole?sk=info
Or you could just Google the band, it works.
Or email Jo-Anne on

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