Sunday, 4 September 2011


Welcome to my blog; Gee Haar n Roos. My name is Jo-Anne, but you can call me Nomsa. Why Nomsa, you ask? We’ll get to that later. Every week I will make an entry, and I want you to read it, and if you want, you may comment on it. Besides, everyone is entitled to their wrong opinions, even I am.
Now we can talk more about me, well, not talk, read. YOU CAN READ! YOU CAN READ! YOU CAN READ! YOU CAN READ! (I used to own the whole series on video tapes). They call me Nomsa because I told them to. I think Nomsa is a kief name, and apparently (I don’t know how true this is) it means vagina in Xhosa or Zulu or something. That makes it even cooler. The name of the blog; “Gee Haar n Roos” means: “Give her a Rose”, which is the title of an Epic Afrikaans song. Google it.
I like to think that I know a thing or two about music and the music scene in general, since I am very involved in it. I “slappa da bass man” in four completely different bands, I have managed a band, I sing, I’m a “baarmoeder” (bar lady) at a music club, which you will probably also hear about in later articles. The bands I play in at the moment include: a Rock band(Averral Sole, check us out on Facebook), a cover band, an Afrikaans pop band(Mattheus. Yes, we play “sokkie bokkie treffers”, but we have never used the words  ”sokkie” or “bokkie” in any of our songs) and a Boere-Orkes. You can see the Boere-Orkes on KykNet (DSTV channel 111) on the 1st of October 2011 at 21:00. I have played in punk bands, one metal band and I often do session work.
I am getting bored writing about me, lil-let’s get back to the blog. Right now I can not make any promises of how great my blog will be, or what I will write about, because these things just happen, but it will, more than likely, be about music. Though I will try (moderately) hard to entertain you with things I see and experience. Let’s see what happens...
Much Love

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