Sunday, 4 September 2011

Jesters: THE Alternative Club

So PE probably has one of the biggest music scenes in South Africa, but because it is so spread out and contains so many different styles, no one actually realises it.  There is a big Afrikaans scene, a big folk scene, but probably the biggest scene of all is the Alternative scene.
“Alternative” in music terms means anything from Rock to Pop, as long as it is a band playing the music, or it is being played live, basically. There are a few placed where you could go to see a live act, but only one place in PE has been around for a while, and only caters to live acts. That place is called; Jesters Alternative Club. This little club has hosted some big names, local acts include: Crash Car Burn, Fuzigish and a whole lot more. They have also hosted a few international acts.
The club has been stereo typed as being a metal club, but I assure you, this is not true. At Jesters, the owners believe that any music played by a band should be given the chance to be heard. Therefore, they host different genres on different nights. They have metal nights for all the metal bands, rock nights for rock bands and so forth...Jesters is also probably one of the bars with the coolest staff and the best prices. They are very well known for their “Happy Hour”. With a generous glass of wine for only R7, a double brandy and coke for R15, and Jagermeister and tequila for R10 a shot, with prices like these, it’s understandable that people finish their drink so quickly, or often even buy 3 or 4 drinks at a time during this hour. Even outside of this hour, the prices are spiffing.
                Jesters is situated in Central, which makes it great for everyone in PE. Wherever you come from in PE, it shouldn’t take you more than 15minutes to drive there. Even if you come from Blue Water Bay, it takes you 15minutes to get there! Jesters probably has the most interesting, friendly and happy crowd of people that hang out there. Everyone is chilled out, and there is no steroid-pumped air-heads trying to start fights for no reason. And if they do happen to show up, they are welcomed, and because everyone around them are so happy and chilled, they become the same.  
The kids at Jesters are the coolest kids in town. They’re my favourite kids. You can find them at 92 Westbourne Road, Central. If you haven’t been to Jesters, you should come this weekend, or any weekend after that, there is always something happening. Check them out on Facebook at I hope to see you there!
Lekker naweek!

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  1. Jesters!!!!! Daar is net een so plek altyd die amazingste crowds en een van kak min clubs in PE wat kyk na die bands!!!!!!