Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Let's Dance! At Earthdance!

Earthdance...Earthdance. Makes me think of hippies, fun, music and sex, because sex just goes with everything I mentioned before it. And that is exactly what it is; The Earthdance Festival 2011 in the Eastern Cape. This weekend-long festival, held at Wacky Woods near the Gamtoos River, is a festival filled with good music, good people and good times.
In previous years the festival only had DJ’s and stalls, but this has changed since last year. Last year was the first time they introduced bands to the festival. I remember this, because I was there. At the time I was still managing a band called The Northaern Lights (they, like every other PE band, have broken up). We got to the festival, which was quite small, only to see that this gig could just turn into one epic fails. And it did. There was no stage, there was no sound engineer to control the sound, they didn’t have any monitors, the drum kit kept slipping on the grass, the sound provided was of horrible quality and the DJ wouldn’t let us use his JBL’s (which is understandable since they’re going for about R16 000 each).
Even though that gig was horribly organised, we weren’t angry with the organisers, because they had warned us that they have never catered for bands before. So we understood where they were coming from. However, this year’s festival promises much bigger things, and much better planning. This year, the festival starts on Friday the 23rd, but the bands will be performing on the Saturday the 24th. The band section, which is called “Sun to Moon”, is being organised by Project Finger Blister. The owner of PFB says: “PFB Was a project that myself Chanel and a friend Andre started in 2009 to Get the bands that we knew were awesome, exposed and out there for the all to see/hear.
I’m pretty sure we all know how hard that can be! We got some of them together and succeeded in making a pretty rad "Disc of Demo's" from various genre's with a track or 2 from each band just to get a taste for them! We were quite impressed with the feedback, though sadly life did its thing and PFB was forgotten, last week I came across one of those discs and decided that it was time to give this baby some attention again”.
The line-up of the Sun to Moon segment of the festival is as follows;
·         11h00 Vergeet van Gister
·         12h00 Volksvyand
·         13h00 RocketPower
·         14h00 Voodoo and the Evil eyes
·         15h00 Bittersoet September
·         16h00 The River Kai
·         17h00 HeyBangDead
·         18h00 Jam Room
·         19h00 Dear Martyr
·         20h00 Sick Day September
·         21h00 The Jack Rabbit Slims
·         22h00 Joe Alien
·         23h00 Huis Najaar
Tickets for the festival are: R200 for the weekend including a camping spot, or R150 from the Saturday onwards. You can also get the tickets pre-sold from Global Foods, 88 Heugh road, Walmer Port Elizabeth.
This festival is going to be crazy fun, but what else would one expect from such a line-up? We will see each other there!  To find out more about this festival, visit one of the following websites:

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